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Stable 5.6.0

Released on:
Wednesday, 06 June 2018 02:00

For Joomla 3.8 and above. Form2Content keeps improving and following the Joomla developments. Form2Content Lite 5.6.0 is our latest release and has some large changes. These will allow us to create new features more easily. Please read the release notes and documentation website to learn about the changes. At the moment F2C is still backwards compatible so although there are layout and location changes in the back-end everything should work as before.

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ALWAYS BACKUP before updating. Sometimes re-save articles and menu items to F2C to get new parameters working.

  • Form2Content workflow and Content Types simplified.
  • Field manager now includes both Joomla and custom fields (easy ordering).
  • Simplified template system (no more “default templates”).
  • Custom fields more plugin based (for developers).
  • Template manager improved. (create templates and add template parameters inline).
  • Several template parameters simplified (for future users, old ones remain active).
  • Custom translations via language file.
  • Recaptcha upgrade to V2.
  • Removed legacy Mootools code, now replaced by jQuery.
  • Obsolete: Field translations. Please use the new custom translations mechanism.
  • New batch refresh in the back-end. (not limited by the number of selected articles anymore).

F2C LITE component 5.6.0

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