Joomla!® is great so we stick to the core!
No need for “F2C compatible”, F2C is “Joomla compatible”. We create 100% native Joomla articles.        

Form2Content PRO, a Joomla CCK (Content construction kit)

Joomla 2.5 compatible Joomla 3.x compatible

F2C PRO is ideal for those who have others add website content.

Form2Content will not be developed for Joomla 4. We have closed the webshop for Form2Content Pro and will shortly be providing free download of all our latest versions.
Form2Content PRO is our Professional version. It has many more configurations, field types and features (like image cropping) to make adding content to your Joomla website as easy and 'dummy proof' as possible. Al this why not limiting any creativity!

All the features below are included in F2C Pro. What's more, you can upgrade from F2C LITE without loss of data. We strongly recommend you always TRY F2C LITE first, it's free!

Form2Content PRO powerful features

PRO FEATURES (available in F2C Pro)


Extra configuration settings to increase usability

F2C Pro extends usability with lots more settings including the option to hide fields & template selection from front-end users, create custom captions, set default publishing state, language & author selections.


More field types like file upload, multi-select list & geocode

15 field types and counting! Get all the data in an easy and foolproof way using the different types of fields. Find out about all the available fields in our documentation.


Menu link to submission form & ReCaptcha

With the addition of ReCaptcha even guest users can add (unpublished) content without spam issues. A link directly to the submission form can be made using the extra “F2C Form” menu view.


Required fields & category default options

By setting or limiting the default category choice in which the Joomla article is submitted the submission process can be simplified and made available to more users without thee risk of adding content to the wrong location.


Auto re-size image and thumbnail

Strungling with creating thumbnails? Let F2C help you. For each uploaded image you can specify the sizes of the thumbnail and the image. Find out all about using images in F2C here.


Build for F2C Extensions like F2C Search &F2C KML feeds

Form2Content Pro is compatible with our extensions F2C Search & F2C KML feeds. These are Joomla components which are linked to the data from the F2C submission forms. Please see the respective product pages for more information.


Extend F2C with our Custom Plugin system

Taking F2C to the next level. This advanced feature provides the ability for programmers to write their own F2C custom plugins (for Joomla) based on F2C submission form data and events. Read our documentation and download examples here.


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