Joomla!® is great so we stick to the core!
No need for “F2C compatible”, F2C is “Joomla compatible”. We create 100% native Joomla articles.        

Download Form2Content Search

Form2Content Search will not be developed for Joomla 4. We have closed the webshop for Form2Content Search and will shortly be providing free download of all our latest versions.

Form2Content Search is a Joomla extension package. It includes a component and language files. The package, after downloading can be installed using the native Joomla extension manager.

Upgrading F2C Search

Download the latest installer package and install it using the Joomla extension manager. DO NOT UNINSTALL F2C FIRST! Remember to always BACKUP before upgrading.

DOWNLOADS will be available here when you have an active subscription.


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