Joomla!® is great so we stick to the core!
No need for “F2C compatible”, F2C is “Joomla compatible”. We create 100% native Joomla articles.        

Form2Content LITE, a Joomla CCK (Content construction kit)

Joomla 2.5 compatible Joomla 3.x compatible JED rating 5 out of 5 from 14 users.

Adding Joomla articles via the front-end has never been easier!

Imagine your users filling out a simple form, uploading an image inline and clicking on 'save' to find their perfect Joomla article on the website. No editor, plugin syntax or html knowledge required ... that's all pre-defined.

If the term "Content Construction Kit" is new for you? Have a read here what Form2Content can do for you.


Form2Content LITE powerful features


100% native Joomla articles

Form2Content creates native Joomla articles. Keep It simple and stick to the code. There are hundreds of modules, components and plugins compatible with F2C. … YOU decide which gallery, slideshow, Google map or video player you want to use ... some plugin integration examples


Article templates for consistent layout

The data from the submission forms is added to article templates to create the Joomla article. This way all the articles will look the same and the user doesn’t need to know anything about the layout (html & plugin codes).


Front-end article manager

Your clients, friends or family can now add, edit and publish articles from the Joomla front-end. Simple, no html or plugin codes required, just write, upload images and save … What's more, no more Joomla back-end access required!


Smarty template engine, power in simplicity

Using IF, ELSE, FOREACH etc. makes your article templates dynamic. Use it for extra signs like “sale” or “featured” in your articles or change the layout depending on selections made ... lots of documentation and examples …. only your creativity will limit the possibilities.


Publishing permissions

Users can create, edit & publish their own (or all) articles. Permission settings can limit rights on all publishing features. Administrators can see all in front-end. With our extra (free) plugin you can get e-mail notifications when an article has been added or edited.


E-mail notification

With the free F2C plugin users, administrators, groups or custom e-mail address can receive an e-mail message when new articles are created or existing articles are edited. Messages can be templated.


Submission forms for articles

Create your custom article submission forms using many different field types. The result, your user (client) doesn’t have to know any html to publish articles … they can focus on the content as they should! Create as many content types as you like, each with it's own submission form.


Free support, documentation & F2C forum

For both our free and commercial extensions we provide free support, a dedicated F2C documentation website and forum. Check out our JED reviews to see how our community has experienced the support.

Form2Content LITE is our free GPL licensed version of F2C. It works 100% the same as Form2Content PRO and is only limited in field types and more advanced settings.


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