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Stable 5.5.2

Released on:
Wednesday, 10 May 2017 02:00

IMPORTANT: This version is for Joomla 3.7 or above. Do not use on a lower Joomla version.


ALWAYS BACKUP before updating. Sometimes re-save articles and menu items to F2C to get new parameters working.

  • BUG    PHP7 fixes
  • BUG     Images and links in the Content Type tab were not stored
  • BUG    Content Type selection page (new F2C Article in back-end) produces warnings in J3.7
  • BUG     Date picker fields don't work after J3.7 upgrade
  • NEW    Implementation of modified_by field

F2C LITE component 5.5.2

File size:
688.79 Kb
MD5 Signature:
Joomla 3.7

Only for use on Joomla 3.7!!


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