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Rich (structured) Content in Joomla articles

Adding structured content (used for Open Graph, Twitter Cards, Pinterest Rich Pins) can be a big plus for your Joomla articles and website as a whole. Google even provides insight into your structured content via Google Webmaster.

Adding the necessary metadata in Joomla has however always been tricky. This especially so if you are using dynamic content submission like a Content Construction Kit (CCK).

Form2Content now supports the creation of automated rich content meta tags for Open Graph, Twitter Cards, Pinterest Rich Pins and Read how this can be easily set up on your Joomla website using our just released F2C Metadata Injector plugin.

Want to see the effect in action?

Share this page on FB, Twitter, Pinterest .... or just look in the header code using Firebug ;). You will notice the page shows an image even though it is not loaded inline. It is set via the Open Graph image tag.

Microdata in your html structure

Also remember, adding microdata to html elements can already be easily accomplished via the F2C article templates. Simply add it to your html tags, just like classes and ID's.


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